Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why do I need a website?

Every business needs to communicate with its customers. A website offers your customer easy access to you & your business. Whether it is information related, product related, or specials related – there is no better way to communicate this change instantly with your customer than with a website.

Q. What type of website should I consider?

Websites come in different shapes & sizes mostly tailored to the customer’s needs. We can build a standard 5 page Information website, Single Page website, a 5-page Product website, an E-commerce website, a Mobile-compatible website, a Blog website, an Interactive website, A Product Creation website, etc. etc. Furthermore, one can have a Content Static System website or a Content Managed System (CMS) website.

Q. What design options should I consider for my website?

Design is a very objective selection. You can have Simple designs, Template designs, Custom designs, Flash or HTML5 designs. Tell us about your preferred designs.

Q. How much will my website cost?

Again, cost is objective. It is dependent on the type of website you want to build which will in turn reflect the effort required to build the website successfully. Costing starts at $700.00 for a basic website & is dependent on the features you would like to include in your project. Don’t forget we do Marketing & Social Media as well. Ask us about the features and add-on’s that would help your business.

Q. What is the cost to host my website?

Hosting for non-E-commerce sites is usually free. We encourage our customers to buy their own domain names so that they are in control of their business identity at all times. However, hosting on your own is an option you can consider if you are willing to budget approximately $40.00 per year. It has some advantages related to the number of emails you can have, server space available, & performance & bandwidth issues.

Q. How do I market my website & get customers to see it?

Website marketing is a different area from website design & development. It has a different cost structure (usually monthly payments). Popular marketing techniques include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Google Adsense, Yellow Page Advertising, etc. You can also opt for traditional marketing techniques like newspaper & other forms of traditional media advertising. Getting customers to your website would be related to the marketing effort. Getting your customer to pay for your products or services would be part of your sales & marketing efforts combined. We can help you target customers to your website. Sales would depend of the quality of your products or services.

Q. How much does SEO, Google Adsense, Social Media marketing & Yellow Page advertising cost?

SEO advertising is based on location & keywords. Pricing starts at $200.00 / month for 5 keywords.

Google Adsense & Social Media Marketing are campaign specific depending on your budget. You can budget $100 per campaign & run it till the budget runs out… then refill again at the time of your choosing. Cost is usually calculated dollars or cents per click (customers click on your Ad & are redirected to your website).

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