The Software Development Cycle with Smash-Hit Solutions

Smash-Hit Solutions is a software solutions provider. We offer websites, e-commerce, upgrades and SEO. We also so custom desktop and mobile applications in Java and .Net.

Our preferred web platform is WordPress, though we can develop on other popular platforms of your choice as well.

What we do for businesses seeking websites and Marketing Solutions.

We believe the current structure of the market is such that it is necessary to have an online presence (a website or web page) so that people can reach your business online. Next, to be found online you need to tell people where you are located, ie. at your web-address or blog address. This can be done through different forms of advertising to help your target audience find you online. The most popular ways of online marketing are SEO РSearch Engine Optimization, SEM РSearch Engine Marketing, placing Google Ads and / or Facebook / Twitter ads.

SEO involves on-page and off-page optimization. We go through both in detail when performing SEO on any given website.

Our services include researching the keywords for your website / business and promoting your website online using those keywords.

Smash-Hit Solutions will provide SEO reports on a monthly basis to let you know how your website is progressing in the rankings.

Website Design

Our web design techniques range from low, medium, to high end designs. The sophistication of a design determines the ultimate price of the design. Simply put, the more time spent creating a unique design, the more it will cost to the customer. Today’s market demands that all websites are user-friendly and responsive (ie. viewable on all screens ranging from mobile to desktop). Usually this is done either manually or by using a responsive tool. When doing it manually the site’s css is edited and code is written for each screen size until the responsive effect is finally achieved for all screen sizes.


Another useful marketing tool is to capture email addresses of all visitors to your website. This is done by offering a free download on condition that the customer’s email is ¬†first registered on the website before the file can be downloaded.

Though we have done a portfolio of websites that can be seen on we have also done custom software solutions for small to medium businesses in the GTA that are not shown on this website. This includes writing a custom module of code for any given application – for ex. adding a shopping cart or a custom menu to an existing application.

Next Generation Software: Mobile Apps

Today, the software industry has moved towards monetization of mobile application development. An app uploaded for purchase from the Apple or Android store are known as paid apps (, utilities, tools, games, etc.). You can also have paid content within the mobile app that encourages a user to purchase items while offering incentives to play the game longer. Building a software app with monetization in mind is the current mantra of the day in the IT community.

Software Life-cycle

The software life-cycle does not end with delivery of the software… instead the end of development is the beginning of maintenance and customer support of the delivered software. Some software products need occasional maintenance while others need 24×7 maintenance.

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